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Here we are on a mission to redefine children’s publishing through innovative
, interactive, and engaging solutions. As a B2B startup, we specialize in
providing Ready-To-Publish (RTP) book titles that captivate young minds and
inspire a love for learning.

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  is a B2B startup dedicated to transforming children›s literature.
Our focus lies in creating interactive and engaging all-in-one books. We believe that
every child, including those with Neurodevelopmental Disorders (NDD), deserves
access to quality literature that enhances their cognitive and emotional development.

: What we offer

: Ready-To-Publish Book Titles

                We offer a range of ready-to-publish book titles, carefully curated to meet
                thediverse needs of young readers.

: Interactive and Engaging All-in-One Books

                Our books go beyond traditional storytelling by seamlessly integrating story
                coloring, and crafting, providing a unique and immersive reading experience.

: Children Books Adapted for NDD

                We specialize in creating books that cater to children with Neurodevelopmental
                Disorders, fostering inclusivity aaddressing their specific learning needs.

: Key Features

: Access to Eastern Resources

               Explore a rich tapestry of resources from the East, incorporating children›s
               folklore and folktales into our creations.

: Internet-Based Communication Platform

               We connect with talented children’s authors and illustrators through our
               internet-based communication platform, ensuring a diverse and vibrant
               pool of creative minds.

: End-to-End Book Preparation

               We integrate all processes of book creation, from ideation to narrative
              writing, illustration, and computer graphics, providing a seamless
              experience for our partners.



Dive into the World of  Solutions:


: Circle of Collaboration

                Experience a collaborative approach where writers, illustrators, craft designers,
                and computer graphic designers come together to create magical stories.

: Understanding NDD

               With an in-depth understanding of the specific needs of children with
               Neurodevelopmental Disorders, our books are tailored to promote inclusivity and accessibility.

: 2D and 3D Comprehension (Eco Toys)

               Explore the world of Eco Toys, as our books promote 2D and 3D comprehension,
               fostering a holistic learning experience.

: Interactive and Multisensory Learning

              Engage in interactive and multisensory learning experiences, enhancing fine motor skills, emotional
              development, and cognitive abilities.

: Focus on Affordability and Inclusion

              We are committed to affordability and inclusion, ensuring that our products are accessible to
              a diverse audience, including children with varying needs.

Join us in shaping the future of children’s literature. Explore KIDIBOOX and let imagination take flight!



 events are more than gatherings; they are dynamic platforms designed
to discover and celebrate the endless talents within the world of children’s storytelling
and illustration as well as to foster a vibrant community of writers, illustrators, publishers,
and creative minds, all sharing a passion for literature.

:Upcoming Events

: Talent Discovery

               Our events are an opportunity for shining writers and illustrators to showcasetheir talents. We believe in providing a stage for creativity to flourish.

: Community Building

               Our events bring together a dynamic community of publishers, writers,
               illustrators, and other stakeholders in the publishing world. Connect, collaborate,
               and build lasting relationships.

: Networking Opportunities

               Forge meaningful connections within the publication industry. Our events create
               an environment where professionals and aspiring talents can meet, exchange ideas, and explore collaborations.




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